Washing Instructions

Looks like you bought something amazing from us, wore it and are ready to give it a wash to re use.

First off Thank you for supporting us and trusting us to dress your little rockstar with the best.

BMA fabric sets washing instructions: 

  • Hand wash or wash on delicate cycle with cold/lukewarm water 
  • Wash inside out with like colors or by itself
  • Do not soak 
  • Do not bleach 
  • Dry on low and or delicate setting. 

  • ironing is ok 


washing instructions for all BMA denim.  

  • Gently hand wash inside out in cold/lukewarm water
  • use as little agitation as possible (do not scrub if it has paint, paint splatter or studs)
  • Do Not wash BMA items in washing machine.
  • Do Not allow BMA items with any type of paint or dye to soak in liquid.
  • Hang dry in shade 
  • if clothing has studs we do NOT recommend ironing.
  • iron if needed ( if clothing has paint, iron inside out)
  • clothing with paint work can be put in dryer on high. 
  • BMA denim is not meant to be washed after every use. To keep them looking amazing washing after every 3-4 uses is recommended.

Important: For dyed denim we recommend hand washing separately from other clothes to avoid staining to other clothing

BMA handmade items with PAINT should be washed  after every 3-4 wears.

  • No scrubbing or hard agitation should be used for painted denim. for best results wash inside out.
  • it’s recommended to wash inside out on delicates with cold water. 
  • Painted items need to be washed separately from all other clothes.
  • Clothing with paint work is recommended to put in dryer on high immediately after washing. 
  • painted items should not be left to soak at any time. 

ITEMS WITH STUDS: do Not leave in the sun for long periods of time (studs will get hot) (dry in shade)